What Causes Peanut Allergies

    peanut allergies

  • Peanut allergy is a type of food allergy distinct from nut allergies. It is a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction to dietary substances from peanuts causing an overreaction of the immune system which in a small percentage of people may lead to severe physical symptoms. It is estimated to affect 0.

what causes peanut allergies

The loves of my life – in dark (husband), medium (oldest son) and light (youngest) 😉

I had the worst weekend of my life…
My oldest son has a severe allergy for peanuts. He can go into an anafylactic shock and die from it. We have always been very aware of this and have an injection with us that can save his life. Well, my worst nightmare became a reality friday night.
He was at a disco party with all of his friends, when he had an attack. So much panic… everyone was screaming and crying… I thought I was losing my child right in front of my eyes… I lost it, couldn’t even call 911, and my husband accidently injected himself in his hand instead of my son, trying to save him… Turned out he had a severe epileptic attack. The ambulance came quickly and after about half an hour he was able to speak again, and we all calmed down a bit. They did some tests at the hospital, and they were convinced it was a reaction to the discolights, which seem to cause epilepsy in some people. He will have some more tests this friday, but he’s home now and doing well…
He doesn’t remember much, but I’m pretty traumatized by it all. To witness an epileptic attack is horrible, but I was convinced he was dying of anafylactic shock, which has been my number one fear, which makes it even more traumatic.

Just thought I would let you know what’s going on. I hope to keep flickr’ing, but if I’m not around, you know why…

Allergy Scratch Test

Allergy Scratch Test
I obliged the Canadian healthcare system today and undertook an allergy test to see if I’m really allergic to what I think I’m allergic to… For all my life I _know_ I’ve been allergic to Peanuts, and historically eggs (though I suspect this may have changed) I’m sneezing all the time and It’s hard to tell what causes it, cats, dust, mites, mold, grass, pollen…

So Thanks to Sarah for the poke and Dr Seung Kim for the scratch.

And the results are in…

I’m VERY Allergic to Peanuts
Allergic to Almonds, Brazil Nuts and Hazelnuts
Not Allergic to Cashews, Walnuts and Pecans
No longer allergic to Eggs!

In other news: (on the other arm)
Very allergic to Cats
Allergic to Dust Mites, Trees (Birch, Alder, Oak and Cedar), Grasses and Mold